Educational Scholarship Program


Educational Scholarship Background

In 2017, the Albemarle County Police Foundation established the ACPF Educational Scholarship Program as a benefit for Albemarle County police officers and staff. The purpose of the program is to assist the Police Department in building a professional, educated force and to aid in recruiting and retaining a corps of highly sought after officers, while financially supporting our officers to obtain their advanced degrees.


Scholarship Details

  • Applicant can request funds up to 90% of tuition expenses for new 2018/2019 course requests (at least 10% of costs remain the responsibility of the applicant)

  • Maximum request $1,500 per year (maximum $6,000 towards approved degree program)


2018 - 2019 Due Dates

Due dates for scholarship requests are:

  • Summer 2019 - TBD

  • Fall 2019 - TBD



  • Current employee in good standing for at least twelve (12) months prior to request due date.

  • Must maintain a grade of ‘C’ or better. If you are unable to obtain a ‘C’ or better, then you will be required to reimburse the Foundation for the cost of tuition, and fees related to the course(s).

  • Must sign Albemarle County Police Foundation Educational Scholarship Program Agreement with Albemarle County Police Foundation /Albemarle County Police Department



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