Housing Assistance Program


Challenges & Needs

  • Over 62% of Albemarle County Police Officers do not live in Charlottesville or Albemarle, many attribute their living choice to high cost of living

  • Albemarle County Police Department uses a geo-policing model to reduce crime and increase positive police and community relations. Officers are assigned to exclusively patrol and increase interactions within specific sectors of the County, but without living close to these areas, it makes geo-policing much more difficult

  • Officers that live outside of the County incur increased travel costs to County taxpayers

  • Difficulty of recruiting new officers has reached all time highs, in part, due to high cost of living in Albemarle County

  • Many officers, especially young officers, have stated this is a high need

Assistance and Advocacy

  • We provide financial assistance and advocacy to Albemarle County Police Officers in the purchase or rental of primary residences in Albemarle County and Charlottesville City who qualify based on cost of living and salary standards (typically qualifying officers would spend 30% or more of income on housing)

  • We increase awareness of Albemarle County Police Officer housing affordability challenges

  • We encourage more officers to reside in Albemarle County through direct economic incentives

  • We encourage long-term commitment to Albemarle

  • We increase recruiting effectiveness for the Albemarle County Police Department


Down Payment Assistance:

The Albemarle County Police Foundation Housing Initiative will provide direct down-payment assistance to qualifying officers who wish to purchase a home in Albemarle County or Charlottesville in amounts of up to $20,000.

Rental Assistance:

The Albemarle County Police Foundation Housing Initiative will provide rental assistance supported by community partners. Please note that our rental assistance program is currently not available but will be available soon.

Courtesy Officer Program:

With our community partners, the Albemarle County Police Foundation Housing Initiative, will facilitate in-kind rent reductions for on-site police-related services. Please note that our Courtesy Office Program is currently not available but will be available soon. 

*This application is for Albemarle County police officers. If you are a community member and would like to participate in this program, please contact Kate Kaminski at kate@acpd.foundation or 434.962.3001.